Student Testimonies
Josie B. 7/2/2016
Mia is a born teacher, as she has the patience and skill to help people succeed. I have taken two overview courses, and now that I am licensed, I want to be able to get my training from Mia. I call her the Lash Queen. She is the nicest person you will ever meet as well.
Tara P. 6/16/2016
Where do I start. There truly is so many wonderful things to say about Mia, her work ethic & her teaching skills. After I obtained my cosmo lisc. I found that I love the face & body aspect of it & have been increasing my knowledge in that area. After visiting the face & body show & watching the eyelash extension demos I decided I wanted to try this. I viewed many different class certification courses but decided on Minky's. I am so happy that I did. The course is taught by a "LOCAL" Master Lash Artist that I can not stress enough about how important this is. Here are my top 5 reasons for stressing this. 1) If I have a question all I have to do is text Mia & yes even late @ night. 2) Mia invites you to come in anytime & watch her work to further enhance your knowledge & skill 3) Mentoring. Mia genuinely cares about your success & will be there cheering you on 4) Patience & kindness 5) knowledge & skill, which Mia has in abundance Many of the other courses I found did not offer a local artist, it was at a hotel that an instructor came in to do & left, so if I have questions I suppose I would have to email the company & wait for a response (who has time for that!) It is not the same mentoring that I have received from Mia. You may think that you won't have any questions after, etc. but you are wrong. The lash game has far more depth than what we initially think. I have only been doing lashes part time since taking the course in February, but thanks to Mia & what she has taught me (quality work) the demand for my time has been such that I am now able to dedicate myself Full Time to doing what I love. Helping people look & feel beautiful. The eyes truly are the windows to the soul & watching that twinkle light up someone's eyes when they see their lashes is an incredible feeling. I am forever grateful that I chose Minky's, which led me to an incredible teacher & mentor such as Mia. You won't regret your decision in becoming a certified lash artist w/Mia as your mentor, if anything you will wonder why you waited so long.