Lash Terminology

What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are not the same thing as false lashes. False lashes typically come in strips or clusters of lashes and you attach them directly to your skin at the base of your real lashes. They can be bought and applied on your own.
Lash extensions are single false lashes that are applied onto your existing eyelashes and last for 4 to 6 weeks. These must be applied by a professional.

Lash material

The material used to make lash extensions vary depending on the desired look. There are silk lashes, which add a more dramatic look, and mink lashes, which add a more natural look.

Eyelash Curls We Provide


The J Curl:
  • Has the shape of natural lashes - provides a more natural look
  • Straighter with a slight curve at the tip
The B Curl:
  • Typically used for the corners of the eye and the bottom row of lashes
  • Creates texture and life, blends well with C Curls
The C Curl:
  • Creates a bright, wide-eye effect
  • Not too heavy
  • Used to blend with other curls
The D Curl:
  • Very dramatic curls
  • Usually blended in with other curls
  • Might not last as long due to the degree of the curl

2B or 2D = 2 Lash Extensions per 1 Natural Lash

3B or 3D = 3 Lash Extensions per 3 Natural Lash

4B or 4D = 4 Lash Extensions per 4 Natural Lash

5B or 5D = 5 Lash Extensions per 5 Natural Lash

6B or 6D = 6 Lash Extensions per 6 Natural Lash

Lash Types:
Classic Lashes
Classic Lashes
Volume Lashes
Volume Lashes

Hybrid lashes are a mix between the Classic and the Volume lashes.
They cost the same as the Volume lashes.